Rocis’ & Remi’s Dog Bio’s

from a bloodline of master hunters


Rocsi turned 15 on 7/14/2022, she is still a very happy and helpful “pup” but due to mobility issues she will be relinquishing her duties to Remi who joined the team and began training on 7/16/2022.  We have a lot of faith that Remi will do great; she is from the same outstanding bloodline as Rocsi.


Ice Fishing Guide Service

Rocsi is a fifteen year old chocolate lab from a bloodline of master hunters.  She has been hunted throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas.

Rocsi is 80 LBS of style, desire and drive, has great attitude, strong water entry, great temperament, is very personable and a great house dog, amateur trained, handled and was a guide dog during the hunting seasons prior to hearing loss in 2017.

While Labradors are best known for water work and Rocsi is no exception, being a great marker and running blinds, she excels at upland hunting as she is a pointing lab.

Though retired from water work due to hearing loss she still is ran upland on short outings.

Rocis spends the open water season in the boat with Travis watching planer boards, has seen countless bass, walleye, trout and salmon being caught.

Though her favorite non hunting activity is ice fishing: riding in the Polaris Ranger, staring down holes waiting for walleye and whitefish to be reeled up and of course taking naps in the ice shacks.